The purpose of this site is to share my work, my tabs and what I know so that everyone can find what they want to learn to play. My site is currently the only one focusing on ukulele video game music tabs as far as I know. Some people have requested videos of my work but I personally dislike playing in front of the camera. There are some people on YouTube that have played my arrangements, given me credit and linked my site as the tab resource, and I thank them for that. Such actions serve the same purpose as this site itself and I highly respect anyone who bothers with helping others in such a way. My YouTube account is "Shadowflar3" but there's little to see on my page

I accept third party tabs, so if you have arranged a video game music theme or two, you can just send it to me via email along with any of the guitar pro or powertab files and I'm happy to host them. Making your own site isn't that difficult either if you have a multitude of your own tabs. Freehostia is a good choice in my opinion, since there are no banners, pop-up ads or nasty limitations, not even in the free subscriptions. No, they don't actually pay me for saying this :p

So what about the guy that does all the work for you? In a nutshell, I'm an easy-going musician. I mainly play ukulele and keyboards but I've also known to fiddle with guitar (for 4 years), tin whistle, bongos, harmonica, drums and bass. I'm interested in violin, too, has anyone got a spare one lying around by any chance?

I have never taken any lessons in any instruments nor musical theory, rather I've learned everything I know through playing and experimenting. Still, all my experience has led me to find out about time signatures, intervals, keys, scales, accidentals, improvising and pretty much everything that one would taking lessons on the subject. That is why my greatest assets aren't fluency in standard notation sheet music reading or perfectly pure techniques but rather practical ability to play anything by ear and to know the melodies and chords for a variety of songs by heart.

So what am I besides a musician? Did I hear someone ask that? Nah, probably not but I'll answer you briefly anyway. I'm 22-year-old (I hope I remember to keep updating this) Finnish guy and I'm currently studying architecture in the university of Oulu, which is situated in northern half of the country.